Whimsy uses standard WordPress CSS classes for aligning paragraphs, photos, and other elements.  Left Alignment CSS Class: alignleft Example This image is aligned to the left. Cupcake sweet muffin applicake pie bear claw halvah. Jujubes muffin gummies applicake. Gummies donut sesame snaps apple pie gummies. Apple pie gingerbread tootsie roll. Halvah bonbon candy sweet halvah […]

In version 1.2 Whimsy Framework added 32 new actionable hooks to charge up theme development. Header & Navigation Hooks whimsy_body_start whimsy_header_before whimsy_header_after whimsy_header_inside_before whimsy_header_inside_after whimsy_nav_before whimsy_nav_after whimsy_nav_inside_before whimsy_nav_inside_after Content Hooks whimsy_content_before whimsy_content_after whimsy_main_before whimsy_main_after whimsy_main_inside_before whimsy_main_inside_after Post & Page Hooks whimsy_page_before whimsy_page_after whimsy_post_before whimsy_post_after whimsy_post_meta_before whimsy_post_meta_after whimsy_post_footer_before whimsy_post_footer_after Sidebar Hooks whimsy_sidebar_before whimsy_sidebar_inside_before whimsy_sidebar_inside_after whimsy_sidebar_after whimsy_sidebar_inside_widget_before whimsy_sidebar_inside_widget_after […]

The Whimsy Framework is responsive, so you should set one large logo to be displayed in many ways across the various screen sizes the theme handles. Preparing your Header Image The recommended size is 1200×500 pixels. You want to keep the width longer, while the height should be relatively smaller. How your logo works on […]

The WordPress Customizer is a super easy way to change the way the Whimsy Framework looks and works. You can customize many things about your website from within the Customizer, your logo and site name, brand colors, layout options, widgets, and menus. Frontend: Toolbar > Site Name > Customize Backend: Appearance > Customizer Site Identity […]

There are three easy ways to install Whimsy Framework. After installing and activating the parent theme you should create a child theme. Child themes keep your design changes safe during upgrades. Search and Install Whimsy Framework from your Dashboard The WordPress dashboard offers the  easiest way to install any WordPress theme. On your WordPress site go to […]