Web Design Tools
7 Awesome Web Design Tools I Love and Use Every Day

It’s not easy to run a design service-based business, but using the right web design tools can make it easier. There’s not a day that I don’t use every one of these bad boys in my workflow while I’m designing and developing websites. #1 – Adobe Illustator Adobe Illustrator is a powerful application that creates images in vector format. Vector is so important because you can resize your design without losing quality. Photoshop (and Canva) create images in Raster format. Raster means your design will be blurry when resized. I use Illustrator for everything from logos, brand boards, social images, and layouts. Most of my web designing happens in-browser these days, but I start out with a basic layout and elements in Illustrator. #2 – WordPress WordPress powers a quarter of the internet these days, (including all my own websites).

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Whimsy Framework Guide
How to get started with Whimsy Framework for WordPress

This is a beginner’s guide to Whimsy Framework that will help you style your WordPress website. With this Whimsy Framework guide, I hope to help even people who don’t consider themselves to be technical to create a beautiful website that works flawlessly fast. The Whimsy Framework Guide was written for users with an already-functioning self-hosted WordPress website installed. If you need help getting your website up and going for the first time please read my Newbie Guide to WordPress. Step 1: Backup & update your website First, backup your files and database. You can do this from your host online file manager, FTP or SSH to download your backup files and copy your database. The Ol’ Reliable, Manual Way Step 1: Backup your files You can backup your entire website file structure to be safe, but I tend to only save

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